Maddi & Shawn

Ahhhh, Maddi and Shawn’s epic Sandon wedding, hands down the most eventful and adventurous Wedding I have done to date. The location, the other side of Sandon River, is very remote and accessed by boat. I don’t like boats. Like I really, really don’t like boats. When I arrived it was absolutely bucketing down rain, torrential, blowing a gale in every direction. You could not have dreamt a worst scenario for someone that really, really, doesn’t like boats. I had to load all my gear, and myself, into a small boat to be transported to the location. By the time I got there, I was drenched from head to toe and had to do the entire wedding dripping wet. It poured down rain all morning, but thankfully the sun came out just before the ceremony and it was an absolute cracker of an afternoon. Unfortunately by the time I was transported by boat back to the mainland, the single road out was completely flooded from the downpour. Good times.

Beautiful image captured by @lucie.weddings of Maddi absolutely slaying that gorg dress by @santelia_sydney

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