When Brigette arrived the first thing I noticed were those beautiful eyes. I knew I wanted to focus on enhancing those peepers to make them really stand out. The second thing I noticed were her lashes, I’ve never seen a set of natural lashes so thick and long, total lash envy here #nofalsiesrequired. Brigette has beautiful facial structure and yet another teenager with gorgeous creamy skin. What’s going on there? Pretty sure when I was 15 puberty released its fury in the form of a face full of delightful crimson dots. I used a dusty pink on Brigettes upper eyelid blended with a deep chocolate brown. I added bronze along her lower lash line blending into a deeper brown on the outer corners. A bronze liner on her waterline and a few sweeps of mascara.
A smudge of rose pink on the lips, flushed cheeks and light dewy skin.

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