Mothers of the Bride

I often see apprehension from the Mothers of the Bride as they hop into my chair. You can see that they are anxious; they probably haven’t had their makeup professionally done since their own wedding. They’re worried that I’m going to do an ol mutton/lamb number on them. Or maybe they’ve had a bad experience with a previous makeup artist. The techniques and products we use on mature faces are different to those with youth on their side, and I’ve seen a lot of inexperienced makeup artists fall into the trap of using the same techniques they would use on a younger face, and they often end up aging our beautiful Mums. I have put together a series to celebrate our Mothers of the Bride, the unsung heroes of wedding days. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting photos of my Brides with their beautiful Mums, to demonstrate when mature face makeup is done right, you can look beautifully youthful. I love working with the Mums, their daughter’s Wedding day is such an important day for them. I love listening to them speak lovingly about their daughters, and their future son in laws, I love the wisdom and guidance they give me and the endless love that they show for their family. Here’s to the women who teach us grace, resilience and the power of unconditional love #motherofthebride

MUA: @nickyfletchermakeup
MODEL: @larahooklyn
PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicky Fletcher

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